Ember Ridge Equestrian Center

Barn Rules

Please submit requests and concerns to management in writing.

  • Occupancy requirements for new boarders: Completed contract, first month's board plus $50 damage deposit, and proof of current Tetanus, sleeping sickness, flu, Rhino, strangles and de-worming required before horse(s) are moved onto the premises.

  • Board and service fees are due on the first day of each month. Checks should be mailed or delivered to (and made payable to) Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel. Board payments will not be accepted at Ember Ridge.

  • Speed limit: 10-15 mph speed limit on the access road. Yield to trailers.

  • Vehicles: Vehicles are allowed inside the gate for loading and unloading only.

  • Vehicles: Trailers may be parked in the designated area outside the gate (if space is available). Ember Ridge Equestrian Center, Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel and/or Midland Properties are not responsible for personal property on the premises.

  • Vehicles: Leave bicycles in the parking area when not being ridden on the trails.

  • Keep stall, paddock and arena gates closed. Keep the parking lot gate closed at all times.

  • No smoking in or around the barns.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated.

  • Dogs are not permitted on the ranch or surrounding trails.

  • Children must be supervised at all times. For everyone's safety, please do not allow children to play in the barns, or on ranch property or equipment.

  • Equestrian safety helmets are encouraged, especially for children.

  • Horse etiquette: Ride safely on the grounds. Tie horses to tie racks or rings only. No loose or unattended horses.

  • Pens and arenas: Turn-out in middle round pen (grey pipe or holding pen) only. Close gate and clean up manure. All other arenas are riding, lunging and working.

  • Maintenance: Keep the grounds clean. Remove your horse's manure from areas around tie racks, wash racks, and from round pens and public spaces. Deposit in designated manure bins.

  • Maintenance: Deposit all garbage in garbage cans or dumpster.

  • Maintenance: Dump manure in the rear of designated manure bins. Separate eaves or hay from manure before dumping.

  • Maintenance: Dump other biodegradable waste materials, such as hay, leaves, weeds and branches in hay bins or designated hay pile.

Boarder Responsibilities

  • Boarders are responsible for maintaining the health and fitness of their horses, including, but not limited to: shots, hoof care, worming, and exercise.

  • Boarders are responsible their boarding area and structures, including:

  • Cleaning manure in stall/paddock area a minimum of FOUR times per week. (NOTE: Falure to do so once will result in a $25 cleaning charge. Persistent violations may result in expulsion.

  • Storing supplemental feed in rodent proof containers.

  • Removing weeds from fence lines and walls

  • Repairing/improving (with approval) damage caused by your horse to fences, walls, waterers, etc.

  • Boarders may not keep additional animals in their boarding area without prior written permission of the management.

  • Boarder's must provide management with "out of town" information, including: contact numbers and care arrangements.

  • Guests must complete and sign a "Hold Harmless" agreement when handling or riding a boarder's horse. Forms can be obtained and deposited in the big barn.