What is the Edge rewards program?

Edge is Full Tilt toto hk rewards program, allowing players to achieve one of five status levels and earn rewards by playing real-money games.

How to I gain the Edge and begin to earn rewards?

Reach Bronze status by maintaining a 7-Day rolling average of 10 Full Tilt Points per day. Maintain a higher rolling average to reach higher status levels and earn greater rewards.

How do I know that I’ve joined Edge or moved status levels?

Every time you reach a new status level, you will receive a pop-up informing you of your Edge status, followed by a Welcome Email.

What are the main rewards on offer in Edge?

Once you have reached Bronze status or higher, you become eligible to register for the two daily multi-table tournaments at 15:05 ET and 21:05 ET that are open only to Edge status holders. Bronze status players can register for two exclusive freeroll tournaments taking place every Sunday at 09:45 ET and 17:45 ET.

Achieve Silver status or higher to earn weekly Edge Rewards cash payments by continuing to play real-money games and accumulate Full Tilt Points. The higher your status, the more you earn. You also get to keep all the points you earn, which can be used in the Full Tilt Store.

What status levels can I reach and at what rate do I earn Edge Rewards?

For more information on the status levels, the rolling points averages required to achieve these levels, and the rates at which you earn Edge Rewards, please visit The Full Tilt Edge page.

How often will I receive my Edge Reward?

Eligible players will receive an Edge Reward once per week. The amount received will depend on both your Edge status and the number of Full Tilt Points earned during the qualifying period.

Do bonus Full Tilt Points count towards my rolling points averages?

Only base Full Tilt Points count towards your averages. Bonus points multipliers, such as Happy Hour bonus points, do not count.

How are rolling points averages calculated?

Your 7-day rolling average is based on your daily average over the previous six days plus the current day, your 30-day rolling average is based on the previous 29 days plus the current day and your 100-day rolling average is based on the previous 99 days plus the current day.

Is there a grace period if I drop below the points average required for my Edge status level?

There is no grace period; should you fail to maintain the points averages required for Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond status, you will drop to a lower status level. You will drop out of Edge if you fail to maintain Bronze status.

However, once you reclaim the points average needed to move up to the next Edge status level, you will instantly gain access to the range of benefits associated with that status level.

I’m not a Diamond Status player but I can access the Diamond Edge Store. Does this mean I can purchase Diamond Edge items?

All players can access the Diamond Edge Store and browse through the contents but only Diamond Edge members can purchase items.