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Elezra is Mirage Poker Showdown Champion

The second stop of the third season of the World Poker Tour was at the Mirage in Las Vegas. There were three events in all. The Mirage Poker Showdown championship, a WPT event, was won by Eli Elezra.

Surinder Sunar — The Man Who Would Not ‘Surinder’

At 9 o’clock in the evening on July 20, 2004, the threehanded play was intense at the final table of the World Poker Tour tournament held at the lovely and intimate Aviation Club in Paris, France. Parisians were bustling in the streets below, while indoors, Tony Guoga taunted Surinder Sunar, telling him: “Surinder, you are going to bleed so badly once it is heads up. You’re putting me to sleep. I’m scared for you!”

When it was down to two players, Tony G. brought the game to a halt for well over five minutes as he attempted to goad and provoke Surinder, who sat expressionless. Five minutes may not sound like a long period of time for Poker Online Pkv Games, but under the severe heat of the camera lights, along with a room bloated with anxious onlookers, five minutes was a dreadfully prolonged period of time. The official WPT statistician, Jan Fisher, confirmed that there had been only 14 hands played per hour.


Surinder was manikinlike, impervious, and unaffected. Tony G’s ridicule seemed to have turned objective observers into zealous devotees. Imagine Surinder’s stone face against a backdrop of animated fans cheering wildly every time he won a pot. Four long hours after Tony G. told Surinder that he was going to make him bleed, Surinder was being congratulated for capturing the title, taking home €679,000 and winning a $25,000 seat in the WPT Championship event at Bellagio.


When this event is televised next March, you may notice that even after he won, Surinder barely smiled; he was in an odd sort of zone in which his concentration was so fixated that it was barely possible to let go and celebrate the victory. That would come the following evening when he hosted a fabulous dinner with drinks, lots and lots of drinks, for friends and well-wishers.