Another couple months have gone by since my last game review, of Punisher War Zone slots, and I thought it would be a good time to let you know my thoughts about another game I’ve been playing a lot lately, Fantastic Four slots. My older brother always used to collect comic books as well as action figures of his favorite Marvel superheroes. I had been thinking about him a lot lately, as he lives kind of far away from me, and I miss him. Anyhow, this prompted me to try another Marvel Comics-themed game (you may recall that a while back I reviewed The Incredible Hulk slots?), and I chose Fantastic Four. Without any further ado, here’s my Fantastic Four slots review.


Initial Impressions and Goals

For starters, Fishing Game online seemed to me like the game designers really captured the essence of the superheroes after whom they themed the game. Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible, Woman, and the Thing all adorned the reels and helped bring the game to life for me. Though I can’t say it was a goal, since I knew I’d be playing a progressive jackpot game, I was hoping to win one of the 4 Marvel Mystery progressive jackpots on offer: Power, Super Power, Extra Power, or Ultimate Power. Specifically, when I played, the Ultimate Power jackpot was over $650,000! It would’ve been a nice bonus, but alas (SPOILER ALERT), it didn’t pan out for me during my session.


That said, I knew that each of the four main characters had their own unique bonus round, so I figured that a more “realistic goal” would be hoping to get lucky enough to experience at least a couple of them firsthand (and pad my bankroll with some extra bonus winnings).


A Difficult Process to Trigger the Bonus Rounds

Well, to be straightforward, I can’t really hide my disappointment here. As I wrote, I was hoping to experience the bonus rounds because, let’s face it, that’s really what sets games like these apart. Through over half an hour of play, I failed to trigger any of them. In order to do so, I had to get lucky enough to land 3 Earth/world scatter symbols along the 5 reels simultaneously. That would award me with 12 free spins. The next step of getting lucky would entail me landing one of the Fantastic Four’s Main characters all along reel #3 – only then would one of the bonus rounds be activated.


Needless to say, when you’ve set yourself a goal and just not getting lucky, spin after spin, for a long period of time, it can get quite discouraging.


In full disclosure, I exceeded my loss limit while playing, sort of trying to chase after wins but more so just hoping to be able to play in one of the bonus rounds and recoup some “dignity” and cash.


Fantastic Four payouts

Check out what it takes to trigger the Fantastic Four bonus rounds


The Bonus Rounds

Well, as mentioned, I just didn’t get lucky enough during my Fantastic Four playing session to trigger any of the bonus rounds. From what I’ve read up and understood about the game, each of the 4 unique types of bonus rounds offers a bunch of free spins + an added benefit, such as an expanding wild or a multiplier. What can I say? I wish I would’ve been able to experience the joy of getting lucky with those bonus rounds…


Think you’ll have a better shot at triggering the bonus rounds? Play Fantastic Four slots yourself and give it a try.



The main conclusion I had about this game was pretty obvious, as it should be for all online casino games; I shouldn’t have chased after my losses. Sometimes it just isn’t your lucky day and, believe me, unfortunately I just wasn’t too lucky this time around – perhaps my Fantastic Four slot review would’ve been better if so. There’s also a 20-line version of this game (I played the 50-line version) – maybe I’ll be luckier playing that one next time instead.