But the survey also indicated that online poker players were more relaxed about tells, with only 31% of players actively looking for tells in their online opponents; yet, if playing offline poker, 58% said they would actively look for tells.


Respondents also had some advice Judi Online for online poker players:


“The good players vary their responses and leave you guessing as to what they really have – online and offline.”

“I keep a book on everyone I play against. The beauty of online play is that you can accumulate all of this information and refer back to it time and again.”


“Anyone called ‘Imgonnabluff’ will probably never bluff and only plays very strong hands!”.


Getting an edge; pick up on tells and avoid giving them out.


According to Simon Prodger, product marketing manager at Victor Chandler Poker, “… poker is an endlessly fascinating game. You’re not just playing the cards you’re dealt, you’re also playing against your opponent – and they’re Judi Online human even if you are playing over the web. The small clues that can be picked up add to the fun of the game and can really give an edge to players who take the trouble to look.”


Prodger goes on to give three golden rules for all online poker players hoping to get this edge: “Number one, always pay attention whether you’re involved in a hand or not, as you’ll learn a lot about your opponent’s game and temperament. Two, make notes on the players you see regularly in the card room, and use these to guide your play against each player. And three, always look to vary your game; by doing so you’ll avoid Judi Online becoming predictable and giving out information about yourself.”