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Women’s only poker site proving very popular – Judi Online24jam

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A new poker site for women, www.womenspokerclub.com has been launched in response to the growing number of online female players. Just as the game itself has grown more popular, so has the number of female playersJudi Online24jam increased, many think for the same reasons- availability of the game online, and increased television coverage of popular tournaments. The travel channel has revealed that around a third of their viewers are women, and each year more and more women are entering the tournaments.


Although there is an increasing number of female players, the game is often still seen as a man’s one, with women feeling intimated by their male counterparts. It is this fact that prompted Maryann Morrison to launch the female club earlier this year. The purpose of the site is to enable players to develop their skills and become more experienced in the game in an environment where they play against other women. Often female players find in the more mainstream sites that they are not always taken seriously by male players, the women’s poker club is aiming to create a site which fosters mentoring and encouragement.


Morrison explains the rise in popularity Judi Online24jam of the game amongst females, ‘Online you are allowed the anonymity to be anyone you want to be, which is one of the reasons why online poker is becoming increasingly popular among female players. Some women in the club have played online using male nicknames or masculine avatars to help balance their treatment while playing…Womens Poker Club’s primary goal is to encourage more women to play poker. It’s important that female players have an environment that is collegial and comfortable for them to concentrate on improving their skills in actual competition. This allows them to feel …