Online gaming operator Victor Chandler has launched Chartwell Games’ latest product release, which positions them to deploy Chartwell’s latest suite of four slot games as well as Live Dealer in the near future.


Included in the product release Chartwell’s new Rapid Game Deployment architecture – part of the Chartwell Games Platform – which will enable Victor Chandler to integrate forthcoming casino games with no downtime.


With this software upgrade, Victor Chandler is ready to launch Chartwell’s Live Dealer product when it launches in the next couple of weeks.


Victor Chandler has also deployed two of Chartwell’s latest slots – Angel’s Touch and Draco’s Fire , which add to their online suite of over 100 Chartwell casino games. The slot, Bars and Bell, as well as Sinful Spins, will soon follow as well as a selection of Novomatic games.


“We are proud to continue to bring great new games to market and to work closely with loyal partners such as Victor Chandler,” said Dan Phillips , the CEO of Chartwell Games (International) Limited.


Andrew Dymock, the Head of Casino & Games at Victor Chandler, w88clubcommented: “We at VC continue to enjoy working closely with Chartwell and we have been impressed this year in the quality, stability and timing of their new games releases.”


Variations of slots


The reels of the first slot machines were actually mechanical and they spun when a player pulled the handle and after that 3 random symbols landed across the middle. The player won in case these 3 symbols matched.


But today most of the slot machines use digital mechanism. They have video screens where the players see the symbols and the way they land is determined by a random number generator. The same random-number generator is used for online slot machines as well.


The choice of types of online machines is wide nowadays and players can find them in online casinos or in live casinos, although the differences between them are cosmetic mostly. It is so because the principle of the game is the same while the symbols or backgrounds can differ.


Here are some variations the players may find online:




In such games the players can win more if they put in more. The bet can be up to the 5 (or more) coins maximum.


The payout will be multiplied by every extra coin, so in case the 3 bars pay ten for one coin, it will be fifty for 5 coins.

But sometimes the payout can be multiplied by more than the number of coins if the players bet maximum amount.




If you play a traditional slot machine it will pay you only if there is a match of the 3 symbols on the center line or in case you are lucky to get a special symbol that will pay off even if the symbols do not match.


The players are shown 3 lines in most machines, but the bottom and the top lines will not give any return.


And when you play a multi-line machine there is a way to activate those lines if you add extra coins. There are machines on which you can play twenty or more if you get, for instance, 5 symbols across with payouts for diagonal, horizontal and angled lines.




The online as well as live progressive machines are extremely popular with the gamblers.


The idea of these machines is to take small portions from the amount invested by players and put them into a progressive pool that would have a large but hard to hit jackpot. This way all the players who play a game linked into progressive jackpot web make a contribution to it, so when some lucky one hits it, he can win a million dollars or more. Playtech slots and Microgaming slots could be progressive.


To be eligible for the progressive jackpot you need to play the maximum possible amount of coins in every spin.