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Everest Poker attempts to take online poker to new heights

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EP: Yes, we feel we owe it to players to deliver freerolls in the true spirit of the word! Many of our competitors require redemption of player points to enter a cash prize freeroll, while many others allow true free entry, but the prize is only bonus dollars, not real money. We feel there’s nothing like the thrill of playing poker for real money, and we want to give our users the opportunity to experience that fun and excitement without the initial anxiety of risking their own money.


PN: Are multi-table tournaments part of the plan?  If so, when do you foresee those launching?


EP: Everest Poker will be launching multi-table tournaments at the beginning of March 2005, which will set the stage for many unique competitions and prizes, so stay tuned!


PN: Any deposit bonuses you want to talk about now?  Are any other ones planned for the future?


EP: Our $100 Welcome Bonus is unique in the industry. Players are awarded $100 bonus dollars upon registration — no deposit required! Converting the bonus dollars to real money via our pay-for-play system is also done incrementally. Many of our competitors set a minimum play requirement within a specific time period to receive the entire bonus, otherwise the entire amount expires.


PN: Do you see a time when Everest Poker is running satellites to larger tournaments (WSOP, for example)?


EP: Yes, we have already started conversations with many offline “poker tour” organizations, and will be tying in our satellites very soon to get Free Sports Picks.


PN: Any other plans for the future of Everest you would like to talk about?


EP: We will be launching Multi-Table Tournaments in early March, which will offer a variety of prize pools …

Hongkong Prize

Hongkong Prize Teen Poker – A Craze Sweeping Across America

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The rising popularity of poker based TV shows such as “Celebrity Poker Showdown” is attracting a whole new a breed of poker player.

“All my friends play Texas Holdem” says Mike, a teenage high school student from New York. A recent survey suggests Mike is correct, a lot of high school students are taking up the game of poker for fun and sometimes cold hard cash. The survey found only 1 from every 30 high school students did not list poker as a past time.

Erik and John are brothers and two other teen poker players, they meet up with friends every night in the basement of their home for their regular game of Texas Holdem. As many as 11 others would join them at times, playing around a covered pool table.

“Erik’s made $1,500 off these games in the last 6 months” John states, he goes on “If you’re playing for fun and not for money, then the game isn’t as good”.

Hongkong Prize Experts believe parents should show caution over their children and poker. Beth Schwartz, supervisor of the treatment program at St. Vincent’s Hospital’s Gambler’s Treatment Center says “We’re seeing more and more youngsters. Statistics have shown that the younger they gamble, the more of a problem they might have later on.”

Some parents believe small wagering is a helpful way of teaching their child basic math’ and the value of money. Whilst any poker player will tell you this is certainly true, during the “poker boom years” with the number of gamblers increasing each day, any problems amongst teen poker players may not be noticed for some time yet.

William Hill Poker Starts 2005 With £100,000 Extravaganza

William Hill poker is excited to announce their largest tournament ever, the £100,000 Guaranteed Tournament to be held January …

Togel Hongkong

Poker Togel HongkongRing Games

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Unlike in Togel Hongkong poker tournaments, cash games allow straddles and chops. When a player who is the first to act has two big blinds as bet it is called a straddle. This is a dark bet and entitles the player to bet again if there is no raise in bet. If players agree in common to withdraw their blind bets if no one else has bet then it is called a chop. The chop decision would mean that the house would not get a share from the pot.


There are “no limit” Togel Hongkong poker ring games and limit poker games. In the no-limit poker games there is a maximum buy-in. This stops players from gaining an advantage due to chip stack size. In limit poker ring games the maximum buy-ins are not prescribed but since each hand has a limit the advantage of a getting a big chip stake is ruled out.


If the Togel Hongkong poker ring games are played in a casino then the casino rake is taken in case of a flop and also whenever the pot value reaches certain levels. There are also games in which the rake is based on time and not on the value of the pot. In such cases the players are charged for every half an hour for the seat occupied.


The Togel Hongkong strategies that are applied in a poker ring game vary to what’s applied in a poker tournament. Poker ring games are just as popular as poker tournaments. Television channels broadcast poker ring games in the same manner that they would poker tournaments.


Poker ring games are for those who do notTogel Hongkong like to stay at a game for too long. Players in such games are free to …

Judi Online24jam

Women’s only poker site proving very popular – Judi Online24jam

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A new poker site for women, has been launched in response to the growing number of online female players. Just as the game itself has grown more popular, so has the number of female playersJudi Online24jam increased, many think for the same reasons- availability of the game online, and increased television coverage of popular tournaments. The travel channel has revealed that around a third of their viewers are women, and each year more and more women are entering the tournaments.


Although there is an increasing number of female players, the game is often still seen as a man’s one, with women feeling intimated by their male counterparts. It is this fact that prompted Maryann Morrison to launch the female club earlier this year. The purpose of the site is to enable players to develop their skills and become more experienced in the game in an environment where they play against other women. Often female players find in the more mainstream sites that they are not always taken seriously by male players, the women’s poker club is aiming to create a site which fosters mentoring and encouragement.


Morrison explains the rise in popularity Judi Online24jam of the game amongst females, ‘Online you are allowed the anonymity to be anyone you want to be, which is one of the reasons why online poker is becoming increasingly popular among female players. Some women in the club have played online using male nicknames or masculine avatars to help balance their treatment while playing…Womens Poker Club’s primary goal is to encourage more women to play poker. It’s important that female players have an environment that is collegial and comfortable for them to concentrate on improving their skills in actual competition. This allows them to feel …


Internet Togel poker more popular than ever

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In May 2003, an unknown 27-year-old Internet Togel poker player named Chris Moneymaker (yes, his real name) won the Kentucky Derby of poker — the annual World Series of Poker held at Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The prize for beating the swarm of professionals and other amateurs was $2.5 million. The real kicker, though, was that Moneymaker qualified for a seat at the tournament (which normally costs $10,000) by winning an online series of satellite tournaments, which cost him only $40 total to enter. Moneymaker also said he had never played in a live poker tournament before the World Series. He had only played online.


“We’ve seen quite a few unknowns go to final tables of major (land-based) events and do extremely well against the pros. And where have all these people honed their skills? Online,” says Vikrant Bhargava, general manager of, which is owned by iGlobalMedia, based in Gibraltar.


Bhargava says his firm’s site — which Togel calls the largest online destination — has 60,000 players at tables in peak traffic, suggesting a couple hundred thousand visitors per day. The bulk of the customers come from the U.S.


Most of the players are male, Bhargava says. Patrick Selin, CEO of competitor, owned by Sweden-based Ongame, confirms this demographic trend.


About 85 percent of players at are male and the average age is 28, Selin says.


While almost all online poker sites let players play around with play money, the operators don’t earn any money from them. So efforts are made by the sites to encourage players to load up accounts and play with real money.


During Halloween weekend, Togel PokerRoom only allowed players who had money in their accounts to play. To …

Judi Online

Online poker players are relaxed – Judi Online

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But the survey also indicated that online poker players were more relaxed about tells, with only 31% of players actively looking for tells in their online opponents; yet, if playing offline poker, 58% said they would actively look for tells.


Respondents also had some advice Judi Online for online poker players:


“The good players vary their responses and leave you guessing as to what they really have – online and offline.”

“I keep a book on everyone I play against. The beauty of online play is that you can accumulate all of this information and refer back to it time and again.”


“Anyone called ‘Imgonnabluff’ will probably never bluff and only plays very strong hands!”.


Getting an edge; pick up on tells and avoid giving them out.


According to Simon Prodger, product marketing manager at Victor Chandler Poker, “… poker is an endlessly fascinating game. You’re not just playing the cards you’re dealt, you’re also playing against your opponent – and they’re Judi Online human even if you are playing over the web. The small clues that can be picked up add to the fun of the game and can really give an edge to players who take the trouble to look.”


Prodger goes on to give three golden rules for all online poker players hoping to get this edge: “Number one, always pay attention whether you’re involved in a hand or not, as you’ll learn a lot about your opponent’s game and temperament. Two, make notes on the players you see regularly in the card room, and use these to guide your play against each player. And three, always look to vary your game; by doing so you’ll avoid Judi Online becoming predictable and giving out information about yourself.”


Togel Online

Togel Online Semakin berkembangnya permainan poker online

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Semakin berkembangnya permainan poker online, menjadikan popularitas dari permainan poker online Indonesia menjadi meningkat. Dan hal tersebut makin menambah kemeriahan di dunia judi online. Banyak penggemarnya yang mendapatka banyak pilihan permainan yang bisa dimainkan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang sebesar-besarnya. Dengan melakukan akses di agen poker online yang terpercaya di Indonesia, Togel Online maka anda bisa bergabung untuk mendapatkan akun permainannya sehingga bisa bermain sepuasnya. Dengan banyaknya agen poker Indonesia yang muncul belakangan ini memang sangat mengesankan sekali. Hampir satu dekade perkembangan dari permainan poker online sangat mengesankan sekali. Namun, meski demikian dengan teknologi canggih yang diterapkan belum tentu memang bila agen-agen yang telah ditemukan di mesin pencari tersebut semuanya bisa dipercaya. Banyak fakta yang terjadi bahwa munculnya agen-agen Togel Online poker penipu ini tentu juga menarik perhatian dari para bettors sebelum bergabung. Tentu saja hal yang mendasari untuk membuat sebuah agen penipu adalah untuk memanfaatkan rasa penasaran dari para pemain yang menginginkan keuntungan di dalam permainan poker online. Dimana setelah mendapatkan setoran deposit dari para pemainnya, maka agen tersebut tiba-tiba menghilang.


Dan pastinya untuk menghindari hal tersebut, maka anda harus jeli dan benar-benar berhati-hati ketika mendapatkan sebuah agen poker online. Bagi anda yang ingin bermain dan bergabung disarankan untuk mendaftar di agen poker online Indonesia Togel Online yang terpercaya. Dengan mendapatkan agen yang terpercaya dan resmi di Indonesia, maka anda bisa bermain dengan aman dan nyaman. Dan pastinya pula kesempatan anda untuk meraih banyak hadiah uang asli yang ditawarkan di agennya ini bisa dengan mudah anda dapatkan.


Data hk

Situs Bandar Judi Pulsa Online Uang Asli | Kartulive | Data hk

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Kartulive merupakan sebuah situs judi Data hk kartu online yang saat ini menyediakan berbagai permainan menarik seperti Texas Poker, Capsa Susun, Big 2, Domino q, Bandar q, Ceme keliling, Blackjack, dan Sakong Online. Nikmati juga berbagai keuntungan dalam bermain game judi online lain nya. Situs ini juga telah masuk dalam daftar katulive online terbaik dan juga telah mendapatkan gelar sebagai situs judi kartu online Indonesia terbaik.

Minimal depo sebesar Rp 20.000 anda bisa bermain & berkesempatan memenangkan JACKPOT dengan total hadiah ratusan juta rupiah setiap hari nya. Kartulive juga memberikan kemudahan dalam bertransaksi deposit via pulsa online, judi pulsa, pulsa online seperti kartu telkomsel.


Promo bonus deposit new member sebesar 10% dari minimal deposit Rp 20.000 Syarat untuk withdraw harus mencapai Turnover 3x dari total deposit Maksimal bonus deposit i user id sebesar Rp 100.000 Bonus langsung di berikan pada saat deposit Rp 20.000

Bonus Rollingan 0.5%



Selain mendapatkan jackpot dari meja poker, akan di bagikan lagi bonus tambahan sebesar Rp 100.000 dari admin, syarat bermain untuk mendapat bonus tambahan harus dari meja Small, Medium, Large, Dan VIP


Selain mendapatkan jackpot tambahan dari meja poker, akan di bagikan lagi bonus tambahan sebesar Rp 50.000 dari admin, syarat untuk mendapatkan bonus tambahan harus dari meja Small, Medium, Large, Dan VIP


Selain mendapatkan jackpot tambahan dari meja poker, akan di bagikan lagi bonus tambahan sebesar Rp 25.000 dari admin, syarat untuk mendapatkan bonus tambahan harus dari meja Small, Medium, Large, Dan VIP.…

Keluaran hk

What should one do to win playing progressive slots Keluaran hk?

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The fans of the constantly growing online gambling industry know that as the times change so do the games logos and the mastery of slot machines.

Nowadays the online casinos offer so many different ways to win that it can make the players surprised and puzzled. The information we have to share will interest you if you have ever come to a casino and did not get what is the difference between a casino jackpot win. As well as if you have ever wondered what the difference between the progressive jackpot and a jackpot is.

So here are some tips on the progressive jackpots

What a progressive slot jackpot is 

The experienced players know that there are times when winning Keluaran hkslots looks just as easy as can be, and there are times when it looks that you have to solve the mastery of the slot machine to win something. The fact is that you will not find other slot games but the progressive jackpot slots that can offer millions of dollars winnings and the jackpots regularly.

The idea that makes the progressive slot machines so interesting is that a percentage of every bet that players make will add up to the total jackpot prize. So each played bet adds up to the bets made previously and the jackpot grows larger and larger. Each time the reel is spinet or the button is pushed they add the percentage of your bet to the jackpot. The only drawback is that the progressive jackpots have a payout percentage that is lower than the jackpot of a standard slot machine.

Tips on how to win playing progressive slot machines

The players should remember that they will have the highest chances to win playing progressive slot machines if they make the … promo code

Instructions to pick a dependable betting specialist 

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Is it true that you are a gambling club, darling? On the off chance that, indeed, at that point, web-based betting merits checking it out, however before you register on any of the stages, you should require an internet betting specialist who is dependable and effectively trustable.


A web-based betting specialist’s undertaking is to give you a promo code and frameworks to play on. Picking an internet betting specialist isn’t that troublesome undertaking. You follow the tips cautiously, so we should move directly to the data.


Check various locales 


Pretty much every web-based betting specialist has a grounded site that describes that specific web-based betting stage. You can check the UI of that site and check if they offer all the types of assistance you require. The simplicity of availability to this site can likewise show some sure or harmful sites.

Search for permit 


The authenticity and the permit endorsement of a betting specialist are central. A dependable specialist won’t ever wonder whether or not to openly show the permit; a few government bodies issue grants to various stages. When contrasted with each license, the UK betting commission is perhaps the most trusted and dependable guarantor.


Check the variety of games


The web-based betting specialist offers you a few games and a framework to play on. Nonetheless, a few specialists may give you the game that you would prefer not to play. Pick the game supplier that offers you the games that you need to play and at which you are talented. Assume you will play gaming machines, so search for the betting specialists that give you the games that can help your triumphant possibilities.


Look at the withdrawal interaction


A framework that web-based betting specialists give you keeps …