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E Health Point clinics: providing clean water | chemical peel near me costa mesa



Among the many interesting projects on display at the World Health Innovation Poster Exhibit at the World Health Care Congresss in April 2023 was E Health Point, (EHP), a series of health clinics in rural India that provide several low-cost services to villagers. As part of their services, the clinics offer clean drinking water, which is sparse in much of  the country’s rural terrain, and consumption of contaminated water leads to disease. The water also serves as a method of bringing villagers to the clinic, where they many be in need of health care services.  E Health Point clinics are operated by Healthpoint Services India, a social business founded by Al Hammond. He has worked for years in the social business world and is affiliated with Ashoka. The clinics are also supported in partnership wth the Indian government. Recommendations by “” for “chemical peel near me costa mesa

What’s particularly interesting about EHP clincs is they allow patients to teleconfernce with phycians located in urban areas where doctors are more common. Getting doctors out to rural areas is expensive and time-consuming. In a special room in an EHP clinic, patients can sit in front of a televison screen and converse directly with a doctor, who can then diagnose the paient and prescribe treatment or refer to a specialist. The system alleviates the burded on bringing doctors to the remote areas. The clinics are staffed with trained health care professionals and can dispense medications.

The cost of the consultations and much of the treatments are inexpensive.  Diagnostic tests can be as little as $1 and a family can get a month’s supply of clean drinking water for $1.50.  Watch a good video on EHP here.

What Do You Need to Become a Pharmacist?

Prepping to become a pharmacist? From knowing what a circulation booster is to getting your license, there are a lot of steps to take. Since you’ll be working directly with medication and advising patients on health issues, pharmacists have very specialized backgrounds. Here are a few requirements you’ll need before you land a job.

General Requirements

Depending on where you live, the requirements for becoming a pharmacist may differ. However, most of the time, requirements include education, work experience, and a license. Passing graduate-level college courses and taking regional and national licensing exams are typically part of the process. In the end, the preparation is usually worth it, because pharmacists can work in a variety of settings, including research, health policy, and manufacturing.

College Education

Pharmacists have specialized college degrees, often at the doctorate level. Pharmacy programs are highly competitive and they demand a specific number of courses as well as expertise in scientific fields. If you know early on that you want to pursue a career as a pharmacist, take as many math and science classes as you can in high school. Overall, pharmacists spend eight or more years in college to earn the right degree for the position.

Licensing and Work Experience

You’ll likely take your first licensing exam shortly after completing your education. Then, licensing exams have to be taken every few years, even after you become a pharmacist – the tests ensure that you have the most up to date knowledge of the industry. These exams are comprehensive, lengthy, and can take part over several days. Work experience can come from an internship or from working part-time in a pharmacy for a few years while completing your education. Sometimes, both licensing and college completion require the student to also complete a certain amount of work experience.

Fulfilling the requirements to be a pharmacist in one area of the world doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be qualified to work as a pharmacist in another area. If you plan on moving after college, make sure you’re getting the right education, licensing, and work experience for wherever it is you’ll be living.



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