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Legendafx eBooks Free Download


Legendafx is the bestselling author of Dynamic Hedging. He is primarily a market practitioner who applies models and pricing formulae to improve trading and not the other way around. When there is a difference  prop trader between theory and reality he doesn’t hold responsibility of the markets. This book is a footstep in the true direction that maintains the mathematical correctness and deepness without bogging the reader down with technical root of formulae. At the similar time, it is written by a trader whose knowledge in the actual market compels him to continually question the ‘nice’ assumptions used to get these formulae.
It is very personal and leaves no hesitation what the author’s outlook is on VAR, constant hedging and other sacred cows of recent finance. The disaster in the financial markets in 1998 and the repentant excuses by well-known traders and theoreticians shows that there is more than a particle of truth in Taleb’s uncertainty.
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Download Master Time Calculator for Free
A new version of Master Time Calculator is now available in the market which greatly expands the scope of its use. You can test lows-highs and highs-lows here but the Master Time Calculator may be evenly as attractive in other modes too. Gann’s time calculations work depends on astronomical data, principally the orbital relationship of the earth and sun. But, the Master Time Calculator can use the vernal year of 365.24219 days to compute the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere for every year after 1900.
When you use Master Time Calculator, you can choose to begin the Master time calculation from the vernal equinox of the present year or the vernal equinox of the previous year in the results window. There is no firm and speedy rule to be relevant. In general, you can use the vernal equinox of the prior year for Starting Dates that go down between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice (March 20 – June 22) and the vernal equinox of the present year for Starting Dates that drop after that.
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Mastering the Skill To Successful Chart Analysis Free Download
Mastering the Skill To Successful Chart Analysis by kelvin lee is one of the most popular Forex courses. In this course, you will earn knowledge about the accurate way how you can read your trading chart everyday. The key reason of setting up this course is to assist those of you who are either new to forex trading or is still struggling in their trading. It also helps you to learn the right way to read your chart.
This method of technical analysis has been developed spending a few years for forex trading and constant fine tuning. Through the entire course, you will be taught how to carry out an appropriate technical analysis with the top down analysis technique that I frequently use in my trading. By completing this course, you can make certain that you have a good image of the market long term, medium term as well as short term movement.
Thus I expect that you will spend some time to study through this book and most importantly to put it into practice everyday until you are able to do it correctly.


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