Scotty Judi Online apology for his actions in the 50k H.O.R.S.E. Event

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Some of you may have watched the most prestigious Judi Online event this past Tuesday. The event is a 50k entry fee H.O.R.S.E. tournament where to win it, you must defeat the best players in the world at Holdem, Omaha hi low, Razz, Stud, and Stud eight or better, at slow blind intervals over 5 days. Scotty was swearing at one of the players and swearing at the waiter who was taking too much time bringing his Michelob which they had to cover with electrical tape to not piss off the sponsors.

Scotty Nguyen made a public apology for his actions that was posted on Cardplayer and Two Plus Two.

I’m not posting the lengthy apology, but I’ll show you a snippet:

I would like to ask for understanding of what really took place. Keep in mind this was a five day event, with an almost fourteen hour final table that was reduced to two hours of air time including all the commercial breaks.

People have to understand that poker is a business and that Scotty is only human and is playing for 2 million dollars. Scotty does deserve respect for winning this considering he is who I regard as the most under estimated and under rated players in poker. Let us also remember that Scotty Nguyen donated 50k the widow and unborn baby of a WPT cameraman Paul Hannum.

Hoyt Corkins house robbed!

Hoyt Corkins’ house which is a private Las Vegas community was robbed on the 23rd of august. The robbers made off with his 2 WSOP bracelets and some World Poker Tour memorabilia. They made off with his entire safe, his Suvs, his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and poker chips from the Bellagio. They obviously had serious time on their hands…. Rumors are speculating that it was an …


Playing it Safe With Online Slot online

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Playing online Slot online is an increasingly popular way for people to play lotteries that they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.  That said, the industry is also home to its fair share of less than reputable operators.  What can you do to protect yourself?

It’s always a good idea to keep a separate bank account for anything having to do with gambling, and online lotto is no exception.  In this case, it’s especially important –  should you mistakenly give your financial details to an unscrupulous operator, at least the damage will be limited to a single, isolated account and not your general finances.

Another idea is to be wary of any operators that ask you for excessive information without cause.  It’s always a good idea to safeguard you personal information, but especially so in this  case.  The maxim “better safe than sorry” definitely applies in this case.

With those basic safety measures in place, it’s a fine idea to Play Lotto online –  as long as you’re able to play responsibly.  Playing the lotto online is a bit different than playing in the offline world, and it’s much easier for things to get out of hand on the internet than it might be if you actually had to but the tickets at a physical store.

To that end, set limits for yourself before you play –  weekly and monthly limits are a must, and daily limits are an even better idea.  This is especially easy if you execute the separate bank account strategy mentioned above and only fund it with your allotted lotto bankroll.

Online lotto marks a new horizon in this historically popular form of gambling.  Hopefully you’ll have a positive, profitable and safe, experience with this increasingly widespread way to play the lotto.

Rakeback Deals Becoming Scarcer…

Prime Trust

Protect Yourself!

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Some people feel that they cannot get robbed if they live in the right neighbourhood or if they refrain from certain activities. The truth of the matter is that in many cases, location is no bar to robbery and the things that you do may not be keeping you as safe as you think! Robbery and burglary are crimes that no one should have to suffer. If you want to cut down n your risk of being burgled, consider Prime Trust tips to cut down on your burglary risks.

First, get to know your neighbours. Neighbourhoods where no one knows anyone else are more likely to get robbed. Think about how you would feel if you saw someone trying to break into the home of a neighbor. You are more likely to be concerned and to notice something is amiss if you know the neighbor well. Even a few words in greeting as you go by can make a big difference.

Halt your mail. Allowing your mail to sit piled up in your mailbox is a risk that far too many people decide to take. A lot of mail piling up in the mailbox tells the crooks that there is no one at home. This is common behavior for people who have left on vacation, and it tells thieves that the home is unwatched. Consider having a neighbor picking up your mail rather than stopping it entirely. This is a good way to make sure that your activities do not signal to a thief that you are not around. Similarly, arrange for pick up of your newspaper.

Don’t allow just anyone into your home. Some thieves check out homes to see if they have anything worth stealing before they go in. They may do this by pretending to be …


Thomas Menino Dies: Beloved Boston Mayor Was 71

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Thomas M. Menino – the longest-serving mayor in the history of the city of Boston – died today at the age of 71. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

Menino was elected to his post back in 1993. He retired earlier this year after overseeing a decades-long urban renewal project that revitalized the appearance and identity of the city in which he was born and raised.

Just two months after stepping down in January of 2014, Menino announced that he was battling an advanced form of cancer that had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.

Menino’s most notable achievement in recent years may have been serving as a source of strength and guidance for frightened citizens in the wake of the Boston marathon bombing of 2013.

“Bold, big-hearted, and Boston strong, Tom was the embodiment of the city he loved and led for more than two decades,” said President Obama in a statement issued earlier today.

“As Boston’s longest-serving mayor, Tom helped mane his hometown the vibrant, welcoming, world-class place it is today. His legacy lives on in every neighborhood he helped revitalize, every school he helped turn around, and every neighborhood he helped make a safer, better place to live.”

Menino leaves behind his wife Angela, as well as two children and six grandchildren.

Dog Jumps Into Bed, FLIPS THE EFF OUT

Think you’re excited to crawl into bed after a long and stressful day?

Sorry, but not since the Kim Kardashian sex tape was filmed has anyone had as much fun between the sheets as the canine featured in the following video.

All he needs is a bed, no humans taking up room in it and watch him flip the eff out now:

This isn’t the first time a dog has …


Legendafx eBooks Free Download

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Legendafx is the bestselling author of Dynamic Hedging. He is primarily a market practitioner who applies models and pricing formulae to improve trading and not the other way around. When there is a difference  prop trader between theory and reality he doesn’t hold responsibility of the markets. This book is a footstep in the true direction that maintains the mathematical correctness and deepness without bogging the reader down with technical root of formulae. At the similar time, it is written by a trader whose knowledge in the actual market compels him to continually question the ‘nice’ assumptions used to get these formulae.
It is very personal and leaves no hesitation what the author’s outlook is on VAR, constant hedging and other sacred cows of recent finance. The disaster in the financial markets in 1998 and the repentant excuses by well-known traders and theoreticians shows that there is more than a particle of truth in Taleb’s uncertainty.
You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments on prop trader eBooks.
Download Master Time Calculator for Free
A new version of Master Time Calculator is now available in the market which greatly expands the scope of its use. You can test lows-highs and highs-lows here but the Master Time Calculator may be evenly as attractive in other modes too. Gann’s time calculations work depends on astronomical data, principally the orbital relationship of the earth and sun. But, the Master Time Calculator can use the vernal year of 365.24219 days to compute the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere for every year after 1900.
When you use Master Time Calculator, you can choose to begin the Master time calculation from the vernal equinox of the present year or the vernal equinox of the previous year in the …


Monday Morning Revisions

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Legend has it that companies like to release bad news after the markets close on Fridays so that it either goes unnoticed (unlikely) or investors have more time to calm down before reacting negatively.
True or not, there was an interesting bunch of post-close releases of non-reliance 8-Ks issued this past Friday. A look at a few of them:
Yellow Pages publisher R.H. Donnelley recalled its 2004 10-K due to an accounting error in a publishing partnership investment. The error involved an over
private investment trust of deferred costs that were to be matched against advertising revenue received; correcting the over amortization was worth at least $3 million in decreased loss in the investment.
Supermarket operator Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (GAAP Tea Co.?) disclaimed its 2004 annual report, due to lease accounting issues. Its 2005 report, to be filed tomorrow, will contain corrected lease accounting.
Mark West Energy Partners LP pulled its financials from 2003 and 2004 because of an issue with sales of subordinated Partnership units and interests in the General Partner to directors and officers of Mark West Hydrocarbon (the LP’s parent company). Originally, the transactions had been treated as outright sales of assets; on closer examination, they were more properly classified as compensation to the officers and directors.
SEMCO Energy restated its 2004 annual report and interim financial statements due to errors in computing basic and diluted earnings per share.
The first thing you think of when you hear that Bright point faces an accounting issue is “AIG.” Wrong. Bright point is pulling its recent 2004 10-K because of overstated receivables and revenues in France and improperly recorded vendor rebates in Australia. The really interesting thing: in the 10-K, management had “concluded that the Company’s internal control over financial reporting was effective as of December …


Building a Bankroll – A Rough Guide

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If you want to play Angka Keluaran HK to have a bit of fun and you don’t care about making money, (or perhaps you are independently wealthy) look away now. Maybe sing a little song to yourself or go and play a bit of poker.
Right now the monkeys are out of the way you can focus. One of the key things about actually making money online is bankroll management. To build your bankroll so you can play with big boys can take a lot of hard work. However if you set yourself some guidelines you can become one of those players that actually make money and not one that is endlessly reloading.
Firstly keep records. Know for certain whether you are a winning player. You can get software to do this for you, pokeroffice or pokertracker, or you can set yourself up a little spreadsheet in Excel. Record wins, losses, rakes, hours played as a minimum.
Secondly implement some rules. If you play cash NLH then roughly 300 times the big blind is adequate (so for 50C/$1 games you need about $300). If you play SnG or MTT then 20 or 30 time the buy in should be adequate. If you suffer three or four bad beats (or losses through stupidity – yes we all do it) the get up from the computer and do something different. Whatever you do don’t double up to cover your losses.
Lastly play at a level you win at. If you make some money and move up a level but find you start to loose don’t be afraid to drop down a level. Being a winning player at a lower level that your bankroll suggest is better that blowing all your bankroll in one session.
Texas Hold ‘em Tips and Tricks!
Texas Hold …


QQWIN99 in Australia

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We all hear the common reasons behind the “Poker Boom”. The Cranky Olde Coot even wrote an article about them a couple of weeks ago. We all tend to be jingoistic about our lives, which means we think what happens where we live is the way it is everywhere else. That, of course, is not true. By example let’s look at how the Poker Boom played out in Australia.
In January 2006, I covered the Aussie Millions
QQWIN99 tournament in Melbourne. I want to thank several Australian friends for talking with me about the whole subject of poker and Australia. Their assistance for this article was essential.
Television is the most often cited reason for the poker boom and in particular the hole card cam. But while the poker boom in the US is often pegged to the Chris Moneymaker win in 2003, the televised version of big poker tournaments didn’t even hit down under until 2004 when the World Poker Tour began showing itself on cable television.
joeHCasinos in Australia began to notice an increased interest in poker in 2004 but the real explosion came in 2005 when Australian Joe Hachem won the main event at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Anyone connected with poker will tell you that of the recent WSOP Champions, Joe has done the most for the game. In Australia he did everything.
If a casino didn’t have a poker room when Hachem won the WSOP, they had one open by the end of the year.
American Public Supports Poker
According to a poll, conducted by RT Strategies National Omnibus Pollsters, Americans, by a two to one margin (51 percent – 21 percent) oppose government attempts to ban Internet poker, and strongly support federal regulation of Internet poker as a means to …


Discipline needed with Digital Learning

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Education has always played an important part in a person’s advancement. But never before has it been so easy to obtain schooling than it is now. In years gone by, a college degree was considered the most Private investment Custodian important declaration of having reached a high level of erudition. When college degrees became commonplace, a Master’s Degree took on the role of superiority.
Education today seems to have taken a 180 degree turn. As colleges and universities continue to fill their students’ minds with an abundance of (mostly useless) information, more and more students are shunning the campuses and turning to online courses. Digital learning provides the means to focus on a chosen subject and eliminates the need to indulge in mounds of material that although interesting, is used.
Internet learning has taken on a flavor of its own. Focus in on the subject you are interested in the most, and you will find the course that will take you to the top. Take investing, for example. You don’t need a MBA to learn how to trade successfully. You can find several instructional courses online that can prepare you properly to become a profitable investor. Want to learn how to play the stock markets? Just choose one of several broker sponsored tutorials. Does Forex interest you? This relatively new investment vehicle is not so readily understood. But by signing up for an online course such as you can learn everything you need to know before placing your first trade.
Focus is Key
What’s most important about online learning is your ability to focus on the information on hand. Often the data presented on the screen is accompanied by ads, banners and extraneous information that can make you lose track of what you are learning. Practicing to tune out …


Catching the wave without slot hoki a surfboard

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Of course, many of you know my life has been anything but ordinary for the past five weeks. During a trip to Vegas for the WPBT Holiday Classic, I was able to work out a deal with to blog the Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas. After a debaucherous weekend with a posse of misfits and degenerate gamblers in Sin City, I came home and packed for the islands.

To be honest, while I have a respectable background in both poker and blogging, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. I hadn’t been hired to write a slot hoki trip report. I’d been hired to keep tens of thousands of people constantly updated on a major poker event.

While I knew that on the surface, as I touched down on Nassau and made my way through customs, I felt like a tourist. Not just an island tourist, but a tourist in the world of big poker. I’d flown in with a couple of dealers and taxied over the bridge to an opulent resort where Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Damon Wayans would soon be shooting craps and signing autographs. It was a place where armed guard stood sentry in front of the the little hotel shops to guard the hundred-thousand-dollar diamond bracelets inside. It was a place where multi-million dollar yachts pulled up to the docks to have some good Jewish food at the dockside deli.

Understand, if you don’t already, that I’m sort of a smalltown kid. I grew up in a medium-sized city in Missouri, but went to school in a town with a population of less than two thousand. There were twenty times as many churches as traffic signals. There were two cops. The greatest competition took place on the football field or …