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QQWIN99 in Australia


We all hear the common reasons behind the “Poker Boom”. The Cranky Olde Coot even wrote an article about them a couple of weeks ago. We all tend to be jingoistic about our lives, which means we think what happens where we live is the way it is everywhere else. That, of course, is not true. By example let’s look at how the Poker Boom played out in Australia.
In January 2006, I covered the Aussie Millions QQWIN99 tournament in Melbourne. I want to thank several Australian friends for talking with me about the whole subject of poker and Australia. Their assistance for this article was essential.
Television is the most often cited reason for the poker boom and in particular the hole card cam. But while the poker boom in the US is often pegged to the Chris Moneymaker win in 2003, the televised version of big poker tournaments didn’t even hit down under until 2004 when the World Poker Tour began showing itself on cable television.
joeHCasinos in Australia began to notice an increased interest in poker in 2004 but the real explosion came in 2005 when Australian Joe Hachem won the main event at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Anyone connected with poker will tell you that of the recent WSOP Champions, Joe has done the most for the game. In Australia he did everything.
If a casino didn’t have a poker room when Hachem won the WSOP, they had one open by the end of the year.
American Public Supports Poker
According to a poll, conducted by RT Strategies National Omnibus Pollsters, Americans, by a two to one margin (51 percent – 21 percent) oppose government attempts to ban Internet poker, and strongly support federal regulation of Internet poker as a means to control underage gambling and help problem gamblers.
They Blow Up Casinos Don’t They
One of the guilty pleasures of living in Las Vegas is that about once a year they blow-up a casino. OK, so the other guilty pleasure is that my job requires me to play poker at least two or six times a week. This past week guilty pleasure #1 saw the implosion of the New Frontier Casino on the Strip.
As “Big Bangs” go, this one got a B-. About six minutes of fireworks followed by maybe thirty seconds of crash, bang, boom and then the usual cloud of dust and other carcinogenic debris. But if you are ever in town for one of these, they are worth the viewing. Below are some of the better YouTube submissons for your viewing pleasure.
#1 Eight minutes long, 6+ minutes of fireworks, shot from top of Stratosphere
#2 Short and sweet and a bit more professional with a little Elvis too.
#3 This is as close as you can get ground level, better viewing is often had from the roof of nearby hotels.
#4 Finally, the professional view as CNN Espanol reported the final moments.
By the way, should you ever get an opportunity to see a demolition, remember to check the windage. You do not want to be downwind in the path of that cloud of dust.


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