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Scotty Judi Online apology for his actions in the 50k H.O.R.S.E. Event


Some of you may have watched the most prestigious Judi Online event this past Tuesday. The event is a 50k entry fee H.O.R.S.E. tournament where to win it, you must defeat the best players in the world at Holdem, Omaha hi low, Razz, Stud, and Stud eight or better, at slow blind intervals over 5 days. Scotty was swearing at one of the players and swearing at the waiter who was taking too much time bringing his Michelob which they had to cover with electrical tape to not piss off the sponsors.

Scotty Nguyen made a public apology for his actions that was posted on Cardplayer and Two Plus Two.

I’m not posting the lengthy apology, but I’ll show you a snippet:

I would like to ask for understanding of what really took place. Keep in mind this was a five day event, with an almost fourteen hour final table that was reduced to two hours of air time including all the commercial breaks.

People have to understand that poker is a business and that Scotty is only human and is playing for 2 million dollars. Scotty does deserve respect for winning this considering he is who I regard as the most under estimated and under rated players in poker. Let us also remember that Scotty Nguyen donated 50k the widow and unborn baby of a WPT cameraman Paul Hannum.

Hoyt Corkins house robbed!

Hoyt Corkins’ house which is a private Las Vegas community was robbed on the 23rd of august. The robbers made off with his 2 WSOP bracelets and some World Poker Tour memorabilia. They made off with his entire safe, his Suvs, his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and poker chips from the Bellagio. They obviously had serious time on their hands…. Rumors are speculating that it was an inside job from someone that knew him. Not long ago Neverwin’s Dustin Woolf’s house was robbed in Las Vegas in his private community.

Also take from Hoyts House was a Doyles Room branded SUV. The must have loaded everything on a huge 18 wheeler moving truck.

Full Tilt’s FTOPS series IX, Event 13

Full Tilt Poker FTOPS series IX, Event 13 featured a mixed combination of Pot Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. Over 900 players entered the field with a $200,000 guarantee. The event’s host, Max Pescatori went fairly deep and managed to finish in 14th place for $1,320. The final table got underway with Postflopaction as the chipleader through most of the way. Dukatos and Chipsteela were leading closely behind. After losing some steam, Postflopaction would finish 3rd and Allin4narnia would go heads up against Dukatos with a huge 1 to 7 chip disadvantage. Dukatos would eventually win this tournament, along with $45,000, and have the prestige of being an FTOPS champion. Congratulations to all who participated in the event.

Jimmie23 wins $200K from OntheRize in 500/1000 NL Holdem

The biggest No Limit Holdem action all weekend took place at high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker on the $500/$1,000 -$30K cap tables of Alvarez and Traddles. Jimmie23 went heads up against OnTheRize and there were plenty of 60k pots traded back and forth. Jimmie23 was steadily winning on both tables and eventually left with over $200K from his opponent.


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