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Sit & Go Tournament: adjust the game to the opponent Casino Malaysia



When we reach the last stages of a Sit & Go Casino Malaysia tournament , it becomes even more important to make a good evaluation of our opponents, this will give us a great advantage because it will help us determine how to play against each of them. In principle, we will base our poker strategy on the size of your stack.

If our opponent is a short stack , we will be facing an opponent who has a better chance of going all-in with marginal hands, since they feel the pressure of the increasing blinds. When we are in a hand with a short stack we should bluff less, since this type of opponent is more willing to put the rest of his stack in play, especially if they have already invested a good part.

Poker strategy: check-raise

The check-raise can be a powerful poker strategy in No Limit Holdem games, if we know when to use it. Many players do not use it correctly, either due to lack of knowledge or by making incorrect bets regarding its size.

Basically, the check-raise consists of raising an opponent’s bet in the same round in which we previously passed. To check-raise we need to be sure that our opponent is going to bet in the first place, because if he also checks, all we have achieved is giving him a free card.

One of the poker strategies that we should not neglect is the choice of our rivals. If we insist on wanting to face better players than us, just to test if we can beat them, it is more than likely that we will quickly see the consequences on our bankroll. Conversely, if we choose tables that we are the best at, we will win consistently.

One of the game styles that we can choose as an opponent is the manic player. The maniac is that player who bets regardless of his starting hand, and raises with marginal hands. His intention is to make others quit with raises and re-raises. Of course, when he flops he will win big pots, but he also loses just as easily, since folding is not a possibility in his poker strategy. If we see his raises, he considers it a real challenge and will re-raise. If we have a very good hand, we can get a lot of money from these players. But we must also be careful, since it is difficult to place them in a range of hands and we can fall into our own trap.

Perhaps you are a beginner poker player, who practices daily in some free poker room . Maybe you want a little more excitement, and you decide, spur of the moment, to enter a free or low-stakes poker tournament . You will need some poker strategy in order to get good results in the tournament, right? Also, using some strategy will make the game more interesting and give you a chance to start refining your game.

Well, let’s say it’s a No Limit Holdem shoot-out tournament with $1/$2 blinds. All players start with 40 chips. And you can use a very simple strategy, since, in general, all the players will have little experience, like you.


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