Monday, June 17, 2024

So much for메이저놀이터Management



Just surfing around this morning and came across this article by Ed Miller.  Essentially his thesis is that메이저놀이management is all a sham, at least for recreational players.  He argues that instead you should have a poker “budget” – an amount that you can afford to lose each month. The rationale is that if its a hobby – you wouldnt have a BR for other hobbies, you’d have a budgeted amount per month to spend.  Thats a simplification of his argument, but I think captures the heart of it.

Personally, while I can see where he is coming from, I think all this does is encourages more recreational players into the fishpond (a good thing! 🙂 ).  While he might be techincally right, having a budget to lose doesnt really encourage good discipline, which is at the heart of good poker.  If you learn to play on a budget rather than a BR, I think its going to be just that much harder to learn the discipline you need to be successful in the long term.  A hobby it might be, but no-one likes losing 🙂

That said, if Mr Miller’s intent was simply to bring in more players into the poker economy, then NH sir!

Back from Sydney, where I went up to watch a couple of days of the Australia vs India test …. which ended up as a controversial win for the home team.  A side benefit of the trip however was the opportunity to check out one of the increasing number of “PokerDomes” springing up in Sydney.  We went to the Newtown venue, which I believe is the original, and is located on the second floor of the Newtown RSL club.  After a truly atrocious meal from the bistro, we headed up and were pleasantly surprised with the layout.  Probably around twenty decent sized tables, good cards and chips.  Essentially its a tourney venue (not sure if they are allowed to run cash games), running $30 single table SnG’s almost around the clock.  They also had a $50 multi table tourney running at 9pm.  I entered a single table SnG and ended up chopping for a win when Heads Up.  I came into HU about 2:1 down, then got to a slight chiplead.  My opponent suggested a chop as he was due home and didnt want to cop heat from the wife!  I was a little nasty and declined – I told him I’m only here once so I’d like to shoot for the win.  Next hand I pick up 99 and raise, he calls. I lead into a 7 2 K board and he calls again.  Check-check on rag turn, but he insta moves in on the river A.  I fold and he has the chiplead again, although I still have a reasonable stack.

It becomes obvious he wants to go though as he starts pushing every hand.  I have three hands of 72o, 83o and 62o and fold all three.  He now has me about 2:1, and he looks at his watch again. Its clear I cant outplay this guy so I ask if the chop offer is still valid, and he jumps at it.  $130 each, not bad first go.

The multitable $50 ended up with 30 entrants, and I ended up playing with AFL Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes who was there after training to have a good time. Incredibly nice guy, he tried bluffing into me on the river, but I called him down with two pair for a nice boost to the chipstack.  Made the final table but the blinds got too high, ended up busting when my 55 all in push didnt hold up.

Overall it was a great night.  Good venue, friendly people.  The play was pretty awful, but it seemed to be a bunch of people just there to have a lot of fun.  Came out $50 ahead so cant complain – and certainly now know where to go if I ever have a spare night in Sydney again.


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