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Odds of winning against 1, 2, 3, or 4 random hands

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I saw a site which sells a먹튀검hand odds calculator. Its a hand-held calculator, and “keeps you from cluttering you screen while you play”, or something like that.

Here’s my preflop hand calculator.

Continued losers

I’ve read claims that 90% of poker players (or was it online specifically?) are losers. This is a stat that I find amazing, especially if it does indeed refer to online as it’s easy to keep track of your losses; they come out of your credit card/bank account.


The more regularly I post, the less distilled and focussed the topics and writing will become. Today I’m revisiting why I play, but also why I currently have such trepidation about playing.

I’ve had no steady bankroll climbs for the past few months.

The challenge of playing low, low stakes

Since I’ve made this blog available to the outside world I should state some things that are common general statements before I get to aspects that I want to look at.

There are good and bad players at all levels of buyins. Some claim there is very little difference from one level to another.

Notes for reference:

Started my new deposit and started working off the deposit bonus. Lost, lost, lost, down to a low of $78 or so. I think there’s too many bad players limp/calling making it necessary to wait for big hands, and then others I suspect overplay their marginal hands, especially on the flop, making it

Knowing your opponents, in general

Tuesday, October 30th, 2022

I remember making the comment “at the levels I play” on the forum somewhere, long ago when I was consistently focusing on one level of ring. In doing so, I was acknowledging that this may not be an optimal / expected play, but I …