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So much for메이저놀이터Management

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Just surfing around this morning and came across this article by Ed Miller.  Essentially his thesis is that메이저놀이management is all a sham, at least for recreational players.  He argues that instead you should have a poker “budget” – an amount that you can afford to lose each month. The rationale is that if its a hobby – you wouldnt have a BR for other hobbies, you’d have a budgeted amount per month to spend.  Thats a simplification of his argument, but I think captures the heart of it.

Personally, while I can see where he is coming from, I think all this does is encourages more recreational players into the fishpond (a good thing! 🙂 ).  While he might be techincally right, having a budget to lose doesnt really encourage good discipline, which is at the heart of good poker.  If you learn to play on a budget rather than a BR, I think its going to be just that much harder to learn the discipline you need to be successful in the long term.  A hobby it might be, but no-one likes losing 🙂

That said, if Mr Miller’s intent was simply to bring in more players into the poker economy, then NH sir!

Back from Sydney, where I went up to watch a couple of days of the Australia vs India test …. which ended up as a controversial win for the home team.  A side benefit of the trip however was the opportunity to check out one of the increasing number of “PokerDomes” springing up in Sydney.  We went to the Newtown venue, which I believe is the original, and is located on the second floor of the Newtown RSL club.  After a truly atrocious meal from the bistro, we headed up and …